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We are right in the thick of College Championship season as most teams will be racing their Conference Championships this weekend, and NCAAs are less than 3 weeks away. It’s an exciting yet nerve wracking period where an entire year of training and hard work will be tested and put on display.

There will be teams that dramatically outperform their expectations, or capture their school’s best historical placement. There will also be a lot of disappointed athletes coming up just short of their season goals, walking away empty handed. And if that ends up being the case for you, then you’re just like I was after the spring of 2008.

Princeton has an incredibly high standard for its Openweight Women’s team, and I joined the team in the fall of 2006 after the Varsity had just won an NCAA Championship. This was arguably the greatest women’s collegiate boat of all time with multiple Olympians and course records, and they left a legacy that still exists at Princeton today. By the spring of 2008, it was clear we were in a rebuilding period, but I was still naïve to the weight our results carried and the responsibility we had to our school. At the end of my sophomore season, our Varsity finished fourth at the Eastern Sprints (now Ivy League Conference) walking away without a medal, yet somehow we still squeaked out an NCAA bid. The even bigger disappointment though, was when we missed the NCAA Grand final, finished dead last in the Petite final, and raced a 2k without heart or conviction.

That race was the lowest I ever felt in my rowing career. In that moment I was ashamed, embarrassed, and determined to never feel that way again. I sat down with my coach Lori Dauphiny that night in the airport, and promised her that I would be a bigger contributor to the team the following season, and I’d do so by breaking 7 minutes on my 2k erg.

The look Lori gave me when I made that promise is still burned into the back of my mind. She gave me an “I’ll believe it when I see it look,” which was probably fair considering my 2k score that season had been a 7:10. I had a long way to go if I wanted to break 7 minutes in just one year.

So I set out that summer to get fitter and stronger than I had ever been, and I had no freaking clue what I was doing. I’m lucky that my instincts were correct, because my inclination was to improve my strength through weight training, and improve my fitness through cross-training intensity. I had a full-time internship that summer and very little time or energy to train with a high volume, so I wrote myself a plan and got to work.

I had no idea that what I experimented with that summer would ultimately be very similar to what I rediscovered in my second Olympic cycle on the National Team, or that it would be similar to the foundation of our Rowfficient program over a decade later. But what I did see was a 6:57 on the erg the following season, and with some of my leadership, a strong culture shift in the team that ultimately lead to a strong 3rd place finish at NCAAs my senior year. The team won a National Championship in 2011 and I’m proud to look back at the growth of the team during that period and feel like I contributed to that big win.

My favorite part of coaching now is sharing the knowledge and mindset with young rowers also looking for success. This summer we’ll be running a training group in Boston open to all graduating high school seniors and current collegiate athletes. This 8-week program will kick your butt and your mindset into shape, and it will be FUN. You’ll find strength you never had and the ability to completely change the course of your upcoming season, whatever those goals may be.

-Sara Hendershot, Rowfficient Co-founder & 2012 Olympian



What: Join our summer training program. You will receive a full training plan including rowing, erging, cross-training, and weight training. 2 sessions per week will be performed in person with our Rowfficient coaches, and the remainder on our own. We will guide you through the entire summer and the plan.

Who: For graduating High School Seniors headed to row in college, and for current Collegiate athletes

Goals: Gain fitness, strength, and body awareness. Learn how to take ownership for your body, prevent injury, and learn better movement patterns. Take a break from only rowing and return refreshed, fit, and ready to be a big player on your team.

Where: Boston, MA at CrossFit One Nation Gym with option to row out of CRI

When: June 11 – August 11 (8 week program, excludes the week of July 4th)

Time: In person session with Rowfficient coaches will be Monday and Thursday mornings 7-9am

Cost: $600 total for our in person sessions and the plan. OR $789 to gain access to CRI for on the water sessions.


Join us this summer, and please feel free to reach out.

Email with questions.