Head of the Charles 2017

Join us at Head of the Charles this year for our Rowfficient events! Stop by our tent (located in the vendor tent area by the course finish line) to meet Olympians, learn in our workshops, and enter our contests.

Saturday, October 21.


10 – 10:30 AM: “The Perfect Warm-Up” – Come learn from the Rowfficient coaches how to warm-up, mobilize, and activate your body to achieve your optimal rowing performance. 10 spots available.

11 AM: Meet 2x Olympic Champion and new Rowfficient Ambassador, Meghan Musnicki. Meghan will be at the tent throughout the weekend, but this is your chance to hang out, pick her brain, and snap a photo.

2 – 3 PM: Play Spikeball against Olympians Glenn Ochal and Matt Miller. Winners get free Rowfficient gear and some serious bragging rights. First come, first play!

3 – 3:30 PM: “Build Your Core” – Come learn how to build a stronger core and add power to your rowing stroke by adding functional movements into your training routine. 10 spots available.


Sunday, October 22.

11 – 11:30 AM:
 “5 Dumbbell Exercises For Rowers” – Don’t have a lot of gym equipment? We’ll teach you how to get creative with what you do have and the 5 exercises that will make you super strong. 10 spots available.

12 – 1 PM: Come say hello to World Champion and Olympian Sarah Zelenka McIlduff. Snap a photo with Sarah and your chances of winning our HOCR weekend challenge go up. Details on this challenge to follow.

2 PM: “Mobility for Rowers” – Finish off your weekend with the best mobility exercises for rowers with tight hips, ankles, and chests. We’ll walk you through a routine you should be doing everyday! 10 spots available.



**more details on how to sign up for the mini-seminars next month!**