Here’s How We Analyze Video

If you’ve been contemplating purchasing a Rowfficient Video Analysis package, here is all the information you will need to know. Although we believe that nothing can replace hands-on coaching, we still want to be able to help rowers at any location!

Below is an example of a video analysis for one of our current athletes, Ben. Included is the message he received from us which includes a breakdown of the feedback and some drills to practice.

Hi Ben! We’ve highlighted two main concepts for you to focus on.

1. Recovery sequence: The cleaner you prepare your levers on the recovery, the better chance you have to use the most powerful parts of your drive. You will want to practice this by using the 3-part pause drill . Once you start to get the feel for this, you can add in one normal stroke between your paused strokes. When you return to regular rowing, keep thinking about hitting each of the positions you practiced during the pausing.

2. Back position: You’re going to tap into a lot more potential by working on your posture and sitting up with a more neutral spine. You can work on this by drilling with heels-down rowing. You can see what this looks like in THIS video at 28 seconds in. If we shorten your stroke, you can focus on a stronger back position. As you progress to full stroke rowing, keep focusing on a tall position.

Our suggestion would be to throw in both of these drills when you are warming up for rowing sessions. Spend at least 5 minutes running through these and then seeing if you can apply it to your regular rowing. If you work on this for a few weeks, we can circle back and do another analysis so we can dive into some other technical focuses as well!


Video Analysis FAQ

Q: How many sessions will it take for me to see improvement?

A: Every athlete is different, but we usually start to see solid progress in our athletes after 3 back and forth video analysis sessions.

Q: How many pointers will you give me in each analysis?

A: Usually we stick to 2-3 big concepts. When your rowing begins to improve, we can narrow in on the finer details. We don’t believe in overloading you with too many cues at once (this gets very overwhelming and it’s hard to fix more than a couple technical issues at once). Once you begin to make progress in one area, we can advance to the next.

Q: What is included in a Rowfficient membership?

A: Any athlete who purchases our Medals Dock or Starting Line programs Medals Dock will receive free video analysis. MD gets 2 analysis per month while SL gets 1 per month.

Q: I’m just getting into rowing? Is this for me?

A: Our video analysis is for all skill levels! We’ve helped those who are just learning to row as well as Olympians who are trying to fine tune a few small areas.