Move Better. Lift Heavy. Rowfficient.

Move Better.
Lift Heavy.

Train Like Mike Sign up to Train Like Mike and join him in his daily workout.
Included are six days a week of free content where you can try to beat his scores
or use our scaled versions to match your current fitness level.

MEDALS DOCK Goal building, video sessions, nutrition tips, and full access
to our coaching staff makes this a worthwhile investment.
Starting Line Our Starting Line Package is designed to be
seasonal and complement your current training season.

Lungs For Days The 2k rowing test is unique in that it taps into your aerobic system,
anaerobic system, and muscular endurance.
Under The Lights

We periodize your training to match the current
CrossFit season to help you reach your goals.

Rowing for
your CrossFit Box
Rowing & Strength Training
for your Boathouse
Endurance 1-on-1 Session Book a 60 or 90 minute 1-on-1 session with one
of our Rowfficient coaches at Reebok CrossFit Back Bay