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"We had our 5k test today and after following your summer training program, I Pred (and beat my score at this time last year) by 34 seconds! I just wanted to say thank you for all the workouts (even the killer ones) and motivation this summer. It’s definitely paying off this year already. I was able to execute my 5k test a lot better than usual and it actually felt good."

NICOLE NEVILLE Princeton rower

"These workouts are not only making me faster and stronger, but they're really helping my mentality and my attitude. Being able to have a goal, with the right coaching, and having the opportunity everyday to make something special happen is a gift that I'm becoming very grateful for. So, thank you for helping me out, you both are a lot of fun, and as much as these workouts suck, they're a ton of fun."

ZACH KORTEN Purdue University Rower

"In the past year, Mike’s training program has helped me take my athleticism to the next level. In the past, my weight room focus was solely on a few lifts with high reps. By diversifying my training program, Mike allowed me to dramatically improve my speed and power. Through a strong focus on technique, I was able to translate skills learned in the weight room to more effective biomechanics on the water."

ANDREW CAMPBELL 2016 Olympian, IRA Champion

"I started using the Rowfficient training plan a little over a year ago while trying to get back in shape for the Rio Olympics. I was in decent cardio shape when I started, but my strength and overall body movement needed work. I felt a difference in less than 3 months and was seeing gains in my fitness like I haven’t seen in any training I’ve ever done — even during my time training with the Women’s National Rowing Team! I will be following this training program for years to come because its effective, efficient, and pushes me to be the best athlete I can be!"

SARAH (ZELENKA) MCILDUFF 2012 Olympian and World Champion

"I have been working with Mike from Project UP for over two years now. I train with the US National Rowing Team gearing up for the 2016 Rio Olympics and approached him for complementary strength and mobility exercises. While I had a basic understanding of strength and mobility, Mike’s knowledge and passion about the athlete’s body is second to none. I encourage rowers of all skill levels to let Project UP improve your athleticism. "

GLEN OCHAL 2016 Olympian and 2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist

This is our performance training package for rowers and is by application only.

We welcome applications from rowers who are serious about making a big change in their training and want to see results. We personalize your training plan based on your goals and current level of fitness. We prioritize strength training as a tool to develop power, athleticism, and correct imbalances created by rowing. A dedication to high quality sessions and focusing on recovery (nutrition, sleep, mobility) is necessary to see the full results from our comprehensive program. You will receive an interactive account containing your workouts, mobility, and nutrition that will be checked daily to track your progress. We will always be available to answer any questions during your workouts.

Included in the Medals Dock plan is:

1 Skype check per month with our Coaches

Unlimited access to email feedback

A personalized training dashboard with access to your workout calendar, our video library, and additional resources.

Discounts to some of our favorite training products

2 Video Analyses per month + discounts for additional sessions