Sam Loch hangs out in Boston

[VIDEO BELOW] Sam Loch is the type of athlete whose reputation precedes him, and whose legendary presence becomes apparent as soon as you meet him. Sam was four years ahead of Mike and I at school, so we never actually overlapped while at Princeton, but the stories were still there when we arrived. We heard tales of him roaming the boathouse in only his bathrobe, and of the many extra hours he spent on the StairMaster to build up the strength in his legs. He would probably eye-roll at me for saying all of this (he’s incredibly humble and self-deprecating), but the dedication and intensity he brings to rowing is contagious and inspiring.


Sam is best known for being a 2-time Australian Olympian in rowing. He competed in both the Beijing and London Olympics before hanging up his oars to conquer the Concept2 machine. In the last few years he has gained 40+ pounds of solid muscle, and now holds the C2 World Records for 1 minute (425 meters), 1000 meters on both the Rowing C2 (2:39.5) and the Skiing C2, and the Tandem Heavyweight Men’s 24 Hour Row (380,274 meters). His recent venture has been to break the 500 meter record (which he’s damn near close to) and his Instagram account is well worth a follow for some crazy erg screens, lifting, and rowing videos.


We caught up for a while today where we talked about all kinds of things. Some fun facts from our catch up:

  • Sam loves Bertucci’s pizza, and you’d better believe he’s getting some tonight.
  • Someone needs to build the perfect minimalistic shoe that can transfer from erg, to weightlifting, to cross-training. We’ll test it. Hit us up.
  • Sam might love dogs more than people and will openly accept puppy kisses at any moment.
  • Athletic “retirement” is a funny thing, and we suspect there might only be an ON and OFF switch, but no in between.
  • Skill development needs to be a constant an ongoing process, with no real end in “mastery” of a movement.


One thing is for sure – we both love the suffer, the rush from throwing around some iron, and the challenge of acquiring new skills and chasing new athletic goals. We recorded a few minutes of our conversation, so play the video below to listen in.


[Turn up your volume, we’re hanging out with the wild sounds of a gym!]