The Starting Line package rotates seasonally.

Our plan offers multiple tracts that you can choose to follow in whatever way works best for your schedule and goals. With up to 9 sessions per week, we also offer guidance of how to choose only 6 or 3 sessions per week, depending on what you’re looking for.

Subscription Details

Weekly Training Sessions

Designed to improve your strength, fitness, and health as a rower

Interactive Calendar

Where you can track your workouts and progress

Live Q&A

Access to our bi-weekly live Q&A video session

Access to our constantly evolving video library

This package is great for:

Masters rowers

Junior rowers

College rowers looking for summer training or weight training to supplement their team’s program

Included in the plan is:

A personalized training dashboard with access to your workout calendar, our video library, and additional resources.

Discounts to some of our favorite training products

1 Video Analysis per month + discounts for additional sessions

Access to our Rowfficient community Facebook group

2 live group Q&A video sessions per month

"In the last 6 weeks, I have gotten stronger on the erg and with the strength training. I feel better, my left elbow tendinitis and the numbness in my right hand while I sleep has gone away. I attribute that to the heavy strength training. When I tested my 2k, I rowed a new PR! I rowed faster in my basement alone than I did at C.R.A.S.H.-B.'s in 2015. At 45, older and faster, this program rocks."

JENNIFER GATZ Masters Rower, Aquebogue, NY

"New PR! I'm a lightweight, female rower from a small masters club in Wisconsin. With my age approaching 40, there's not much need to test the 2k other than personal punishment. But, I did it. Beat my previous performance by 11 seconds! Thanks for putting together an amazing program. I'm soaking up all that the two of share like a sponge. Belief in the work and in its design is extremely powerful and motivating!"

SARA DVORAK Masters Rower, Wisconsin

"Your program has been great! After only 3 months of rowing training, I was only 7 seconds off my 2k PR. What was I doing in college?"

BEN NASE Former U-23 Rower


No Contracts, Month-to-Month Membership

Seasonal Focuses

FALL (Sept – Nov)

Head racing

Base development

Strength building

WINTER (Dec – Feb)

Indoor training and cross-training

Improving anaerobic threshold

6k & 2k test preparation

Strength building

SPRING (Mar – May)

Building rate

Increasing intensity

Spring racing while continuing to develop strength

SUMMER (June – Aug)

Preparation for fall racing

Fitness improvement, both base and high intensity

Strength development