Train Like Mike 7.21.17

Barbell and weights
Dumbbells/Kettle bell
Concept 2 erg

Happy Friday, gang! First I wanted to mention our upcoming Seminar Series called “Free Speed”. We’re traveling the country coaching rowing and running to CrossFit gyms, and Sara and Olympic runner Anna Willard Grenier will be the Head Coaches. I encourage you to take a look and spread the word about our upcoming event dates! Check them out HERE.

Today we are working some lower body strength focusing on posterior chain and midline stability. To finish off the day, we will be doing a burner compliments of Misfit Athletics. Keep moving through the warm up and get a nice sweat going before you move onto the static holds and front rack lunges. The static hold after the lunges is what is so challenging about this portion. Remember to breathe and avoid and hyperextending your lower back to support the weight. For the sumo deadlift, let’s make these reps all singles, so no touch and go. For the finisher today, we are ideally cleaning the barbell up from the ground and getting it into the back squat position. If that is a little too complicated, please utilize a rack and take the weight from there. This is a sprint and should be completed in less than 12 minutes. Scale your squat weight accordingly and make it burn.

OH = overhead
KB = kettle bell
DB = dumbbell


Time Required: 75 minutes

Focus: Lower body strength

  • 4 Continuous Rounds
    • 8 seated box jumps
    • 15 banded good mornings
    • :30 sumo squat hold
  • 4 Rounds – :35 front rack static hold + 20 Alt. front rack lunges + :35 front rack static hold, 2′ rest between rounds
  • 6 x 6 Sumo deadlift @ 75-78%
  • 4 x 100′ single arm DB/KB OH carry
  • Core: 4 Rounds for Time – 12 butterfly sit ups + 12 hollow rocks + 12 back extensions


For Time
40 calorie row
20 back squats (from the ground)
30 calorie row
15 back squats
20 calorie row
10 back squats

Breathing hard on a Friday.