Weekly programming

Our Rowing programming is an easy addition to your current CrossFit program with 2-3 rowing sessions prescribed per week. We periodize your training to match the current CrossFit season to help you reach your goals. With two tracks included, you choose to follow either the upcoming Open schedule (currently 2018 Open Season) or the upcoming Regionals schedule (currently 2018 Regionals Season).

What to expect:

2-3 rowing specific workouts per week to add to your current CrossFit program

Guidance on how to pace our workouts to fit your current fitness level

Periodized training to develop aerobic and anaerobic capacity, skill at varying stroke rates, pacing strategies, and power per stroke

Workouts focused on both Cals and Meters

Access to our Video Library with drills, tips, and strategies for different WODs

"Rowing has always been a huge weakness of mine and I used to dread seeing it in workouts. Rowfficient has helped me stay comfortable on the rower during WODs, and has taught me a TON about staying connected during each pull. It's a perfect addition to my CrossFit training."

ALEC SMITH 2017 CrossFit Games competitor, 5x CrossFit Regionals Athlete


No Contracts, Month-to-Month Membership