Upcoming Events

Join the Rowfficient team at any of our upcoming events!

If you are interested in hosting Rowfficient at your gym, boathouse, team function, or event, please send us an email by filling our our contact form. We would love to hear from you.


Jan 13th — Jan 14th

Wodapalooza Fitness Festival

What: Rowfficient will be a Workshop Presenter and conducting a 40 min Rowfficient Seminar in the Wodapalooza village. Join us for free!

Who: Anyone attending the Wodapalooza Fitness Festival!

When: Saturday & Sunday, Jan 13th & 14th

Times: TBD

Price: FREE


Jan 20th

One Nation Seminar

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What: Spend 2 hours with our coaches learning how to improve your rowing efficiency. Great for anyone new to the sport or looking for individualized take-aways to add to their own training. We will be working on proper position and muscle engagement, rhythm, breathing, stroke rate, pacing, and drills.

Who: Athletes who train on the rowing machine or CrossFit, members or non-members

Skill Level: All levels welcome. Beginners to Advanced

When: Saturday, January 20th

Time: 10:30am — 1pm

Price: $75


Jan 28th

Rowfficient Performance Seminar

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What: The first event of it’s kind, Rowfficient is thrilled to offer an in-depth Performance Seminar for athletes and coaches who are serious about taking their rowing to the next level. We want to share the decades of experience we have accumulated and our dedication to sports science with YOU. Learn from 5 Expert Rowfficient Coaches from the rowing, strength & conditioning, and Olympic worlds on a variety of topics like mobility, programming, nutrition, strength training, and mentality, all through the lens of rowing at the highest level. You will leave with a deeper understanding of our sport and a big toolbox of new skills and knowledge to apply to your training.

Who: Competitive — Elite Athletes , Coaches, and Rowing Fanatics

Skill Level: Intermediate — Elite (this is not a Beginner’s seminar)

When: Sunday, January 28th

Time: 8am — 5pm

Price: $325 (check for current discounts on the event page!)


Feb 3rd — Feb 4th

The CRI ‘What Works’ Summit

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What: The 8th annual ‘What Works’ Summit Coaching Conference will be all about Getting Faster On The Water, Off The Water. By dialing in on areas fully in the coach’s control on land, attendees will leave with tangible ways to have healthier and faster athletes on race day! Rowfficient coach Sara Hendershot will be speaking on Building Fitness and Resilience in the Weight Room.

Who: On the water rowing coaches (High School, Club, Division I, II, & III)

Skill Level: Advanced

When: Saturday & Sunday, February 3rd & 4th

Time: Click HERE for full schedule

Price: Before 1/1/18 for $290, Before 1/28/18 for $305, In the final week for $320


Feb 25th

C.R.A.S.H.-B. Sprints, Indoor Rowing Championship

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What: Join the Rowfficient team at C.R.A.S.H.-B.’s this year for a fun community and elite coaching experience. Enter the 2,000m individual event or the 2,000m team relay (4 person teams, each row 500m) and select Rowfficient as your affiliate. We will coach you through your race at the event, you will earn a free Rowfficient t-shirt, and an invitation to our after-party.

Who: All athletes who want to test their rowing fitness

Skill Level: Beginners — Elite

When: Sunday, February 25th

Time: TBD

Price: FREE to join the Rowfficient team, $30 to enter C.R.A.S.H.-B’s


Spring Events to be published soon!